Details about the Greater Nottingham Planning Partnership are set out below.

The Greater Nottingham Planning Partnership was established in 2008. It has evolved from the long history of joint working on planning matters in Greater Nottingham.  The Partnership includes the Councils of Broxtowe, Erewash, Gedling, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe together with the Hucknall part of Ashfield District, and the two associated County Councils of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

The partnership’s aim is to prepare statutory strategic development plans which are consistent and provide a coherent policy framework across the area. In doing so it seeks to address the Duty to Cooperate between the constituent Councils, and provides a single point of contact for other Duty to Cooperate partners to engage in the strategic plan making process.

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Abbreviations    Housing Market Area (HMA)
Greater Nottingham Planning Partnership (GNPP)
Joint Planning Advisory Board (JPAB)


The work of the partnership is overseen by the Greater Nottingham Joint Planning Advisory Board (JPAB).

As only the Hucknall part of Ashfield District Council falls within Greater Nottingham, and the District as a whole is part of the Nottingham Outer Housing Market area. Ashfield will therefore be preparing a Local Plan for their District.  Details can be found on the Ashfield Local Plan pages

Erewash Borough Council has produced a separate Growth Options document and the Council's report states that the reason for this is the development pressures that Erewash faces, and the need to progress swiftly with plan making. Details can be found on the Growth Options document consultation pages.

Work on a single joint evidence base spanning the whole of Greater Nottingham continues, to ensure a consistent approach to strategic policies.  Details can be found on the Evidence Base page.

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