The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan is currently being prepared. Below is the feed for the latest news from the Greater Nottingham Planning Partnership.

Date Details
8 September 2021

The Joint Planning Advisory Board Meeting due to be held on Tuesday 28th September has been cancelled. This is to allow for Councillor workshops to be held. 

13 August 2021

The Blue- Green Infrastructure consultation has now closed. 

23 June 2021

The Agenda for the JPAB on 29th June 2021 has been added to the website. 

13 May 2021 The Employment Land Needs Study - May 2021 has been added to the Evidence Base.  
25 March 2021 The Growth Options consultation extension has now closed. 
10 February 2021 The Growth Options consultation has been extended to Wednesday 24th March 2021. 

Date Details
9 Dec 2020 Joint Planning Advisory Board Agenda for 15th December 2020 has been added. 
15 Sept 2020 Consultation on The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Options document has now closed. Consultation was undertaken between 6 July to 14 September 2020. Comments are now being considered. 
3 Sept 2020 Greater Nottingham & Ashfield Housing Needs Assessment Final Report, Sept 2020 added to the  Evidence Base Page
14 July 2020 Revised version of the Greater Nottingham Growth Options Study, 2020 added to the Evidence Base Page
6 July 2020 The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Options Consultation is scheduled to be consulted upon for 10 weeks between 6 July to 14 September 2020.  Details can be found on the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Option Consultation web page
15 June 2020 The public consultation on the Erewash Growth Options document containing proposals to develop housing on several sites in Erewash has been extended for a further five weeks and will now close on Monday 20 July.  Further details can be found on The Erewash Growth Options consultation page.

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